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General Principles

1. Let the Bible to its work.

2. Silence is the best teacher.

3. Ask response questions; not "yes" or "no" type.

4. Use Bibles which are alike if student is not familiar with the Bible.

          A. This will help avoid confusion over translations.

          B. You can give page numbers for them to look up.

5. Let them use their Bible if they want to.

          A. Catholic, J.W.'s, any version will teach truth.

          B. KJV or NIV are the best to use.

6. Don't lecture.

7. Move to the next point when this one is nailed down.


Some Specific


1. Be yourself.  Be casual.

2. Discuss: Job, family, religious background

3. Move to a table.

4. Pass out OBS 1 (pink sheet).

5. Have them put their name on it.


How To Teach OBS

1. Turn to the passage - Ask one to read it.

2. Ask:

          What do you hear God telling you here?

          What does God tell us to do in this verse?

          What is God saying here?

3. Ask: How would you answer this question (read question from lesson)

4. Check for agreement.

5. Mark answer.

6. T N Q I: ("The next question is:")


Schedule for tonight:

I. Lecture

          1. General Principles

          2. Some Specific Suggestions

          3. How to teach OBS.

II. Demonstration

III. Practice

          1. Form groups of four.

          2. Each group counts off: 1, 2, 3, 4.

                    1 = Helping Partner

                    2 = Sinner #1

                    3 = Teacher

                    4 = Sinner #2

          3. God through first 5 questions.

IV. Introduce the Worksheet and ladder.

          1. Question always comes first.

          2. Then go to worksheet.

          3. Practice questions 11 - 13

V. Looking Back - Question 14

VI. Cross - Question 18

VII. Chart on church history OBS 2:16.

VIII. Close at OBS 3:15.


What if:

1. I can't answer their question?

          A. I will try to find a Bible answer for you by next week.

          B. Let me write that down.  That is a good question.  We will get to that later in the study.

2. They will not agree to the correct answer?

          A. Repeat steps of:

                    1. Read the verse.

                    2. Ask what God is saying here.

                    3. Ask question again.

          B. Explain how important this point is. If they are not willing to accept this matter then future study is not going to be helpful.

          C. Terminate the study:

                    1. Till next week. Give them time to study.

                    2. Check back with them in 1 month - 6 months.



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