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               God commanded the Israelites to offer a sacrifice with the following requirements:   Exodus 12:5

               A lamb

               Without blemish


               Of the first year

               Sheep or Goat

               Would it be an acceptable sacrifice if it were:

1. A pig?                                            5. A male goat with blemishes?

2. A two-year-old sheep?                6. A 2-year-old male goat?

3. A female goat?                                            7. A female pig, 3 years old?

4. A cow? (clean animal)                8. Not sacrificed at all?


1. Which of the eight questions above is the WORST violation of God's will?

2. Which is a violation of God's commandment: (A. or B.)

               A. Add to the command                  B. Not do the command

               A. Expand on the command           B. Not obey all parts

               A. Sing with an organ                      B. Not sing at all

               A. Sing with piano                            B. Sing without spirit

               A. Partake of the Lord's Supper monthly

               B. Partake weekly without discerning the Lord's body

               A. Sing praise to God from the heart with a piano

               B. Sing words from the lips only with no piano

               A. Singing with an organ                 B. Humming with voice

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