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1. Terms:

          A. Islam = the religion "submission to Allah"

          B. Muslim = an adherent Alternate spelling "Moslem"

          C. Mohammed = the prophet- better than Jesus, Moses

          D. Sunni = moderate sect of the religion (conservative)

          E. Shiite = radical sect (liberal)

          F. Caliph (Khalif) = successor to Mohammed, temporal and spiritual leader of Muslims.

2. Facts:

          A. 1 out of 5 on earth is a Muslim

          B. 37 nations have a majority Muslim population

          C. Belgium - new 6,000 seat mosque

                    London - $7 million mosque

                    New mosques in Chicago and Los Angeles

          D. Over 200,000 Muslims live in the Detroit area with no fewer than 35 mosques.

          E. There is a large active mosque in Nashville.

3. The origin of the religion:

          A. Followers of Mohammed (570 - 632).

          B. Mecca became the center of this religion.

          C. After his death four men carried on this teaching.

          D. Split came over who was to rule over this religion.

                    1] Sunni Muslims recognize only the first four successors to Mohammed. They follow only the teachings of Mohammed.

                    2] Shiites teach the family of Ali as ordained to succeed Mohammed. They are more liberal.

4. Basic beliefs:

          A. One God (Allah), called by 99 names.  This is the God of Abraham.

          B. Four sources of revelation - Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels, Koran.

          C. The Quran is so final, no other book is needed.

5. The five duties:

          A. Profession of faith, repeat the creed daily.

          B. Prayer five times every 24 hours, facing Mecca.

          C. Almsgiving to the poor.

          D. Fasting every day from dawn to dusk in month of Ramadan.

          E. A pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime.

6. Other teachings:

          A. Circumcision is practiced.

          B. Four wives are allowed.

          C. Divorce is allowed by public declaration and return of the dowry.

          D. Alcohol, pork, meat offered to idols, things strangled are prohibited.

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