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1. I have heard much debate and discussion over this matter. The question assumes that one is more powerful than the other two. I DENY THAT THIS IS THE CASE!

2. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO IS OVER WHOM. Such a discussion diverts our attention from the power and authority of Godhead.  If one speaks with greater authority than the other two, we should pay more attention to that one voice. (Illustration: Red Letter Editions of the the Bible)

3. I Cor. 11:3 indicate that "the head of Christ is God." The question is raised if the word "God" in this text is the Father or the Godhead.

          It is my view that the word in this text refers to the Godhead. Diety is bigger than the Father. The Godhead is bigger than the Son.  The Divine Nature is bigger than the Holy Spirit.

          Same is true in an eldership. The eldership is bigger than any one of the elders that comprise it. There are times when the eldership is over an individual elder.

4. Other passages:

          John 17:1-4 The Father sent the Son.

          Matt. 28:18 Who gave Jesus all authority? (Godhead)

5. I assume that in every order (including the Godhead) there must be some sequence of control.

          If this is the case with the Godhead: I would assume that it would be a triangle --





Son                H. S.

6. My view is that each person of the Godhead had certain tasks that were "primarily" their work.  Had another person on the Godhead done that work, it would have been done equally well.  The Holy Spirit could have become man and died on the cross.  The Father could indwell and empower Christians.  Prayer could have been offered to the Son with the Holy Spirit as a mediator.


Patriarchal Age                           Father

Mosaical Age                              Jesus

Christian Age                              Holy Spirit


Providence / guidance                 Father

Salvation / sacrifice                     Jesus

Revelation / inspiration                 Holy Spirit

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