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Eating in the church building

What can (and cannot) be done in the church building?

  1. There were no buildings in NT – No instructions on this matter

    1. Constantine was the 1st Roman emperor converted to Christianity

    2. Edicts of Toleration – tolerated, then endorsed Christianity

    3. Roman Empire built buildings to compensate for persecution

    4. For 300 years the most common meeting place was in homes

  1. Some principles to guide us

    1. All things done must glorify God – built with God’s money

    2. We must use wisdom to determine best use of funds

    3. NOT do things that are immoral, illegal, unethical

    4. NOT allow teaching which is false doctrine

    5. NOT for personal business or profit (day care, exercise classes)

    6. NOT sacred structure – The building (wood and brick) is not sacred

  1. Other Related Issues – weddings (and receptions), funerals, parties, fellowships, scout troops, blood drives, family reunions, etc. – Not Biblical subjects

  1. Some have gotten into silly issues

    1. Drinking fountain – but not eat (worker, eat outside, swallow first, then come in to get a drink)

    2. Restrooms, air conditioners, furnace, equipment (chalk boards, flannel graphs, slide projectors), literature, classrooms

    3. What about pews (padded), songbooks, church bus, paved parking lot, sign, heated baptistery?

  1. The 2 Main Objections to Eating in the Building

    1. Using the “Lord’s money” to heat and light a building for a secular activity.

      1. What about conversation before or after services? We talk about babies, car repairs, gardens, sports, vacation plans, etc.

      2. What about weddings and funerals?

      3. What about bathrooms and drinking fountains?

    2. 1 Corinthians 11:22 – Have you not houses to eat and drink in?

      1. Not the location – but the occasion

      2. They assembled together “for worship”

      3. Can there be “house” churches? Yes.

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