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Don't Eat With Him

1 Corinthians 5:9-11

This command does NOT include:

  1. Communion

    1. Let a man examine himself – not my job to tell you not to partake

    2. Not practice “closed communion”

    3. If he is at service – pass him the tray – let him decide

  2. Eating at the same location, restaurant

  3. Being in the same location, store, bank, gas station

This command involves FELLOWSHIP! You are forbidden to:

  1. Provide a sense of support, encouragement, endorsement for his actions

  2. Call on him to work, lead prayer, participate in business meeting

  3. Treat him the same as before the removal

  4. Totally ignore, never speak to him

Fellowship – support – endorsement – This is the key to withdrawal

  1. See 2 John 9-11 – Don't become his “partner” in this wrong


    1. We don't know, fellowship, support each other as we should

    2. You can't take away what never was granted

    3. Can't take driving privilege away from 3 year old

    4. When church discipline does not work – it is for one of two reasons:

      1. No fellowship existed in the first place

      2. The motive was to get rid of rather than restore

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