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Hebrews 9:27

"And it is appointed unto men

once to die, and after this

the judgment."

Key Words to Understand


1. Appointed -

A. NOT: appointment as in a doctor's office

1. God does not set up a schedule of who should die when.

2. The appointment with death is not a prescribed day and time.

B. NOT: Predestination.

1. God has not established a timetable for when each person will die.

2. "When your number's up your number's up"

3. OR "It was his time to go."

C. God does not have a "master computer" which predetermines when, where and how each person will die, THEN, when it is time, the computer sends a "death angel" down and takes a life.


2. Once -

A. NOT: twice or more

B. Denies - Reincarnation

1. Judgment is based on the "deeds done in the body" (2 Cor. 5:10)

2. If reincarnation - THEN which body will be judged?

3. Purpose of reincarnation - correct mistakes in previous lives

4. WHY is our world getting worse insead of better?

5. Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

C. Jesus died ONCE. Does not need to be repeated.

1. Context of Hebrews 9:25-28

2. High priest offered "every year"

3. Christ "once in the end of the world"

4. Just as we die once, so "Christ was once offered"

D. Jude 3 "Faith once (for all) delivered"


3. Die -

A. Physically -

1. James 2:26 - Separation of soul and body

2. Death = Separation

B. Biologically - Body functions cease – breathing, heart

1. If left alone - this person is dead.

2. CPR can restart the heart and resperation

C. Clinically - Brain activity stops


4. After this -

A. NOT: the next second, not immediately in time

B. BUT: Next, on God's timeline of events:

1. Day = 1,000 years to God; 1,000 years = one day

2. He is not watching the clock or calendar

3. Gal. 4:4 "in the fulness of time"

4. Rev. 6:11 "a little season"

5. Rev. 1:3 "for the time is at hand"


5. Judgment -

A. Eternal judgment

B. Judgment = pronouncement of sentence.

Guilt or innocence / Saved or lost

Determined at death

At what age does the growth of creative expression stop?

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