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A. Passages that suggest degrees in eternity.

NOTE: P = Reference to punishment; R=reference to reward

Luke 12:45-48 P Few and many stripes
Hebrews 10:29 P Sorer punishment
Matthew 11:21-24 P More tolerable (22 & 24)
Matthew 12:41 P Nineveh condemn this generation
Matthew 23:14 P Receive the greater damnation
Matthew 23:15 P Twofold more the child of hell
2 Peter 2:20-22 P Latter end worse than beginning
James 3:1 P Greater condemnation
Matthew 5:12 R Great is your reward
Matthew 10:40-42 R Prophet's reward, righteous man's reward
Matthew 21:31 R Harlots enter heaven before you
Luke 6:23 R Reward is great in heaven
Luke 6:35 R Your reward shall be great
2 John 8 R Receive a full reward

B. Judgment will be according to works.

Psalm 62:12 Every man according to works
Matthew 16:27 Reward according to works
2 Corinthians 5:10 Receive according to works (good or bad)
1 Peter 1:17 Judge according to every man's work
Revelation 20:12 Out of things written in the books
Revelation 22:12 Reward according to works
2 Timothy 4:14 Reward him according to his works

C. Judgment will be according to opportunity.

Mark 6:11 More tolerable for Sodom & Gomorrah
John 3:19 Light came; men choose darkness
John 9:41 Blind = not sin; Can see = sin remains
John 15:22 Jesus not come = would have no sin
Romans 1:20 God is seen > without excuse

Reward or punishment will be based on our works and our opportunity. Some people have done much good with few opportunities. Others have done little with many chances.


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