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Who will confess Christ at the Judgment?

Will ALL who have ever lived confess Christ?

Will their confession be genuine or forced?

Will they be saved, converted, and enter heaven?

Is this teaching universal salvation because all will confess?


Philippians 2:5-11 – “Every tongue will confess”


Define – confess

1.     Root – say the same thing

2.     To admit to a charge or accusation

3.     To agree with a statement – “Amen” – that is what I believe

4.     To acknowledge, recognize – honor, position – judge, police


3 confessions in the NT

1.     Confess faith in Christ – plan of salvation

a.     Matthew 10:32-33

b.     Romans 10:9-10

2.     Confess sin – seek restoration and forgiveness

a.     James 5:16

b.     1 John 1:9

3.     Confession at judgment – like saying “Your Honor” in court

a.     Philippians 2:11

b.     Romans 14:11-12


Who will confess Christ as Lord, Judge, Ruler, Master?

1.     Every tongue - - every person

a.     Patriarchal

b.     Law of Moses

c.     Christian

2.     NOT:

a.     Faith in the Bible teachings about Jesus

b.     Admit belief in Jesus as God

c.     Admit belief in Jesus as savior

d.     Make the lost into saved ready to enter heaven

3.     BUT

a.     Jesus as LORD – ruler, authority

b.     Recognize authority

c.     Like police or judge – respect for position

d.     God is Just – He did what He had to do – Revelation 19:1-6


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