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Auction a quilt –

Fund raising for the church


  1. I was told of a church bulletin article – There was to be an auction of a quilt some ladies at the church had made. The money raised from this auction would be donated to the benevolence program of the local congregation.

  2. Is this proper?

  3. What is the Biblical teaching on ways to raise funds for the church?

  4. There are several side issues that must be discussed.

Separate secular from the spiritual

  1. Rules that apply to the church do not apply to a school PTA
    PTA can have a Fall Carnival and sell candy, magazines, wrapping paper
    Spend this money on playground equipment, bleachers for soccer field

  2. God controls how money is raised and spent in the church.

How the money is to be raised

  1. 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
    Panoramic – Same rules for all congregations
    Periodic – First day of the week (Sunday)
    Personal – Every one of you
    Planned – Lay by
    Provisional – In store (common treasury)
    Proportional – As he may prosper
    Purposeful – Money available when the need arises


  2. 2 Corinthians 9:7
    As purpose in heart
    Not grudgingly, or out of necessity (Not a tax you owe)
    Be a cheerful giver (cheerful – from Greek “hilaros”)


  3. 2 Corinthians 8:12
    Willing mind
    According to what you have (how God has blessed you)
    NOT by what you lack (don’t have)

  1. What about tithing?
    Many churches practice tithing – giving 10% to the Lord.
    You will be shocked to learn – in OT – A tithe was 10% of all their increase – house, land, clothes, cattle, cars, ALL their possessions. It was given every 3 years. (Capital Gains)
    Numbers 18:21-24; Deuteronomy 14:22-29; Deuteronomy 26:12-13
    Several problems – 10% of what? Gross, Net, After taxes?
    No personal choice, purpose in heart.
    Makes us give out of necessity.
    Giving changes from a gift we give freely, to a tax we owe.


  2. Pledge Cards –
    Some churches use a pledge card to determine giving levels.
    If used as a guideline, to establish budgets, set goals = no problem.
    If used as a contract to which one is obligated = then it is wrong.

How the money is to be spent

  1. Evangelism – Preaching, teaching, mission work, spreading the gospel.
    Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:18-20
    Romans 1:15
    Preacher, missionary, mission trips to central America, radio
    TV (Search for the Lord’s Way), Info-Lines, tracts
    Door-knocking campaign, VBS, Gospel Meeting


  2. Edification – Building faith and strength in brethren.
    Ephesians 4:11-13
    Classrooms, supplies, literature, visual aids, chalk, etc.
    Resource room, Teacher’s workshop, weekly bulletin


  3. Benovelence – Assisting the needy (members or not)
    Galatians 6:10
    Food vouchers, help with rent, utilities, medicine
    Children’s Home, AGAPE,


  4. Worship – All things needed to assemble and worship
    Hebrews 10:25 Implied in assembly is a place to meet, building, chairs, etc.
    Bathrooms, drinking fountains, fire alarms are what is required for a public building
    PA system, song books, grape juice are required for worship


Discuss: Individual actions vs. the church

  1. Can I, as an individual, have a garage sale and give part or all of the proceeds to the church? YES

  2. Could an individual make a quilt, sell it, and give the proceeds to the church? YES

  3. Can a church auction a quilt for the benevolence program? NO!

  4. Issues: Can the “youth group” have a car wash to raise money?

  5. If I can make a pie and sell it, and others can do the same, can we go together and sell many pies?

  6. If it is OK to sell candy for the school, why not sell candy for the church?

Are chili suppers, etc. a proper way to raise money for the Lord?

  1. No, because it is not what God instructed us to do.

  2. These schemes are less profitable than donations.

  3. Chili supper – buy meat, beans, coffee, Coke, etc.
    Charge $5.00 per person - $2.50 is used to cover the cost of putting on the dinner.
    Only $2.50 will go to the cause for which the supper was planned.

  4. Personal view: I would rather donate $5.00 to Girl Scouts than buy 2 boxes of cookies.
    Many of these schemes only make money for some candy company.

Discuss: Work of the church vs. a good work

  1. There are many good works – Cancer Society, Heart Fund, Boy Scouts, etc.

  2. We, as individuals, can support such good works with money and work.

  3. Illustration: A yellow line to mark a “no passing zone” is a good work, saves lives
    BUT: It is not the work of the church to buy yellow paint and striping machines.


  1. God controls how money is raised and spent in the church.

  2. Individuals, acting on our own, have greater freedom.


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