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In my Searchers Class, I would often comment that when I write my commentary on that book it will explain this passage. Finally, I got around to writing some brief books for Bible Class. The largest work is Revelation. I do have several other workbooks that I will be adding to this page as I have time.

The most recent commentary is 1 Timothy.  I have titled this commentary A Minister Training Manual.

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REVELATION - I have written a commentary on Revelation. It is available as a "zip" file or in Word format a chapter at a time.

ACTS - The commentary notes on Acts are available on this website and in a "zip" file in Word format. The zip file includes a Power Point with photos of Ephesus and some extras used as I taught this book.

1 CORINTHIANS - Here is the most recent commentary I have written. It is available for you to read, print or download in Word or PDF format.

COLOSSIANS - Colossians was my first attempt at writing a commentary. The original was written several years ago in a brief note format. I have recently revised the original to be more complete. The sub-title: Christ in Colossians.

COLOSSIANS (BRIEF NOTES) - Here are brief notes on each verse. This is not a full commentary but short notes.

ROMANS - I have taken the study notes (see next section) and expanded them into a full commentary. The entire commentary is in one file. (These are Word files.) It is also in PDF format.

HEBREWS - This is a commentary on the book of Hebrews titled "A Better Way." The commentary is written to discuss the text by paragraph rather than verse-by-verse. It is available in Word and in PDF format.

1 TIMOTHY (word study) - This commentary will focus on the key words in each verse of this important book.

1 TIMOTHY (Commentary) - This is the full text commentary written in 2016. This file is in Word format.

2 Timothy Commentary - Commentary on 2 Timothy is in Word format. I titled this "Paul's Last Will and Testament."

2 THESSALONIANS Commentary - This is revised and expanded from the first writing.

2 Thessalonians (Day of the Lord) - Here are very brief notes.

NOTE: If you use e-Sword ( for your computer Bible study - Brad Cobb has converted my commentaries and some other materials (including my 100 sermons from the book of Mark) for e-sword. You can download them from the Bible Support web site. You will need the newer version of e-Sword (v. 10).


JAMES - James is the first book of the New Testament. It is filled with practical advice on everyday living the Christian life. I have written a study guide of discussion questions on each verse in this book.

FAMILY - START TO FINISH - Brief outline and discussion questions for each stage of family life - from marriage, children, in-laws, mid-life crisis, and grandparents.

ROMANS - These are study notes on each chapter. They are Word files with the .docx extension.

ROMANS AT A GLANCE - Brief outline of each chapter in Romans - adapted from material by Roy Deaver.

THE PARABLES - This study is a brief look at all of the parables in Matthew, Mark and Luke.

NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH - This is a class outline on the church in 13 lessons. This file is in Word format.

1 TIMOTHY DISCUSSION GUIDE - There are questions to discuss on each verse in 1 Timothy. (This guide is also in Word format.)

BUT WE KNOW ... - This is a study of basic fundamental truths of Christianity. This material was first presented on a daily radio program. God Exists, the Deity of Jesus, Bible is Inspired, Miracles Happened - are some of the lessons in this book.

1 THESSALONIANS - STUDY GUIDE - Discussion questions and other types of fill in the blanks will assist in the study of the first book written in our New Testament.

EPHESIANS WORKBOOK (RICHES AND RESPONSIBILITIES) - Students will fill in the blanks to help in their study of the riches we have in Christ.

GALATIANS (LIBERTY IN CHRIST) - The text of Galatians and brief notes will guide you through this study. Chapters 1-3 are in one file. Chapters 4 - 6 are each in a separate file. (These are Word 2007 files with the .docx extension.)

PHILIPPIANS STUDY (REJOICE IN THE LORD) - Key Words, Key Issues and Key Questions form the basis for the study of the letter to Philippi.

HEBREWS (REVIVING TIRED FAITH) - This class book is a brief outline and room for the student to take notes on each lesson.

WRESTED SCRIPTURES LAID TO REST - This study looks briefly at some denominational teachings and what the Bible teaches.
(Also available in Word format - Wrested.doc )



MAKING MARRIAGE WORK - This long outline was taught on the radio. I had a daily radio program. This outline was offered to any listener who requested one.

THE PERSONALITY OF GOD - There are many facets to God that we do not always understand. This study book looks at 15 attributes of God. (In Word format click here.)

CHURCH HISTORY (From Prophecy thru Dark Ages) - Here is a detailed outline of the first half of a church history course I taught in a School of Bible.

RESTORATION: THEN AND NOW - This is a topical study of the issues faced by the early leaders of the Restoration Movement and those areas that are still issues today. There are several detailed studies linked to each section of this main study.

TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL - Here is a detailed outline for training Bible class teachers.

EVANGELISM WORKSHOP - Methods and How-To ideas are discussed in this workshop.

THE PEOPLE OF GOD - What should the "People of God" be like? How should that act? What should they do? Each lesson is titled - "God's Person Should Be ________". There are 13 lessons in addition to an introduction.

GROW GOD'S GARDEN - There are many parallels between planting and growing a garden and the evangelism of the church. The New Testament uses terms like sowing, reaping, planting, harvest - all in reference to the harvest of souls for Jesus. This book was written for use in Russia, translated into Russian and distributed to Christians in the Kirov Region.

THINGS SURELY BELIEVED AMONG US - The Bible, Holy Spirit, Church, Worship, Mission, Unity are among the 13 topics studied in this book about the things we believe.


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